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All Things In Print. Belmont. Victoria.
3TV      99mm x 210mm
4TV      148.5mm x 105mm
6TVL    70mm x 148.5mm
6TVP     99mm x 105mm
10TV     59.4mm x 105mm
12TV     49.5mm x 105mm
18TV     49.5mm x 70mm
Butt   49.5mm x 70mm
5TV   59.4mm x 70mm > 140mm
6TV   49.5mm x 70mm > 140mm
Gate   52.5mm
5TV    59.4mm x 52.5mm > 105mm > 52.5mm
6TV    49.5mm x 52.5mm > 105mm > 52.5mm
Our High Quality Perforated Paper comes in sheets of A4 135gsm. Supplied in packs of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000.
There are three peforations: Solo, Butt and Gate.
Colour toned on one side in either Vivid or Pastel shades of: Green, Blue, Orange, Pink.
It is suitable to run through any printer and is compatible with most modern software templates.
Raffle tickets, Coupons, Vouchers, Lucky numbers, Passes, Member cards, Loyalty cards, Show tickets, Cheque book, Cloak room, Meal tickets, Concert events and many many more. Prices are available on request
We print the tickets for you.
Or if you prefer a D.I.Y. project, we have perforated paper stock available for purchase.